Administrative Police

»Deported to their Deaths« – panel 13 – Perpetrators

The administrative police (German: Einwohner-Polizei) registered all heads of households in the city on registration cards which included their profession, date of birth, marital status (single, married, widowed), and denomination. By means of registration cards and the house registry books, the administrative police provided the basic information for the preparation and execution of deportations by the Gestapo.

Through this entry, the Protestant Christian Rosa Koenigsberger became a Jewish woman according to her registration card. Following the announcements from 23.07.1938 in the Reich's Legal Gazette, the National Socialists introduced, amongst other things, the obligation of identification for Jews, as defined in the “first directive for the Reich Citizenship Law”. Both spouses received an identification card for Jews (German: Judenkarte) as is evident from the stamps on their registration card. Already prior to their deportation on December 15th, 1941, the 11th Decree to the Reich Citizenship Law from November 23rd, 1941, declared deportees as “stateless” [stamp] as soon as they crossed the German border. With the crossing of the border the property of the deportees fell to the German Reich.

Picture credits

Hannover Municipal Archives, EMK


Exhibition: Deported to their Deaths
Duration: 15th, 2011 to January 27th, 2012
Location: Neues Rathaus Hannover, Bürgersaal
Panel: 13 from 39 – Perpetrators
Size: 650 x 2050 mm
Technique: Digital print on Alu-Dibond